The Faculty of Psychology offers a bachelor's and a master's degree. It also offers several continuing education programmes.
Teaching is carried out in French and German.

News from the Faculty of Psychology

Géraldine Coppin dans "la science des coeurs brisés"

La science des cœurs brisés : Géraldine Coppin intervient à la RTS

La RTS propose une série de huit épisodes courts, diffusés en priorité sur Instagram, sur les chagrins d’amour. Notre professeure extraordinaire,…

Portrait of Andrea Samson

Andrea Samson on «The Science of Happiness» : how humour helps us cope

The podcast « The Science of Happiness », produced by the Greater Good Science Center of UC Berkeley (US) and PRX, presents research-tested ways to…

Prof. Dr. Corinna Martarelli übernimmt das Präsidium der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Statistik

Die Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Statistik hat eine neue Präsidentin

Events of the Faculty of Psychology

Tuesday, 07.02.2023

Digital emotion competence : integrating emotional competence and digital skills

Invited Speakers – Faculty of Psychology Talk by Dr. Catherine Audrin, HEP Vaud

B18.005, Brig Campus

Faculty of Psychology
Tuesday, 07.03.2023

Dr. Bilge Sayim, CNRS

Invited Speakers – Faculty of Psychology Topic to be announced

B18.005, Brig Campus

Information webinars
Thursday, 23.03.2023

Séance d'information pour le Master en psychologie


Information webinars
Wednesday, 29.03.2023

Bachelor-Studium Psychologie Infoveranstaltung


The faculty's research activities focus on cognition, learning and memory, the use of technology in learning, affect and emotions, motivation, brain development, neuro-developmental disorders, and neurodiversity. Psychological researchers use several methods, including electroencephalography, virtual reality, and eye tracking.