The Faculty of Psychology offers a bachelor's and a master's degree. It also offers several continuing education programmes.
Teaching is carried out in French and German.

News from the Faculty of Psychology

Prof. Dr Andrea Samson est intervenue dans l’émission « Kulturplatz »: «Humor quo vadis?»

L’humour en temps de crise : Andrea Samson, professeure extraordinaire de psychologie à UniDistance Suisse, intervient à la SRF.

Article on food liking in individuals with obesity published in International Journal of Obesity

Géraldine Coppin, associate professor at UniDistance Suisse, and her colleagues wrote an article on food liking in individuals with obesity. In a…

Prof. Dr. Andrea Samson: International study published in Journal of Global Health

Anxiety and concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic of families with a child with a neurodevelopmental condition – a multi-level international study led…

Events of the Faculty of Psychology

Information webinars
Wednesday, 27.03.2024

Infoveranstaltung Bachelor in Psychologie


Information webinars
Wednesday, 03.04.2024

Infoveranstaltung Master in Psychologie


Wednesday, 24.04.2024

KinderUni: Mit Brettspielen die Welt der Gefühle kennenlernen

Wozu haben wir Gefühle? Wie zeigen wir Gefühle? Wie erkennen wir Gefühle? Warum verlieren wir manchmal die Kontrolle über unsere Emotionen? Und wie lernen wir, mit ihnen umzugehen?

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The faculty's research activities focus on cognition, learning and memory, the use of technology in learning, affect and emotions, motivation, brain development, neuro-developmental disorders, and neurodiversity. Psychological researchers use several methods, including electroencephalography, virtual reality, and eye tracking.