The research activities focus on current topics in behavioural and experimental economics, such as sustainability, ethics and norms in markets, organisations or the legal system.

Research groups in Economics

Experimental Organisational and Environmental Economics

Building on theoretical models and empirical insights from economics, management, and psychology, the research group uses experimental (and other) methods to investigate current research topics in organisational and…


Researchers at the Faculty of Economics

Photo portrait de Manuel GriederProf. Dr Manuel Grieder
Photo portrait de Michael KurschligenProf. Dr Michael Kurschilgen
BA Rachid Ben Maatoug
MSc Felix SchlüterMSc Felix Schlüter

Academic Events

The Faculty of Economics organises a series of hour-long talks, the V-BEERS (Virtual Behavioural and Experimental Economics Research Seminar). It is held once a month on Mondays at noon on Zoom. 

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