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Virtuelle Wirtschaftsgrafiken erheben sich aus einem Tablet und eine Person hantiert mit diesen Statistiken.

Master of Science in Economics, Business and Data Analytics

The new English-language Master of Science in Economics, Business and Data Analytics will be introduced in the autumn semester of 2023. The Faculty of…

Portrait of Andrea Samson

Andrea Samson on «The Science of Happiness» : how humour helps us cope

The podcast « The Science of Happiness », produced by the Greater Good Science Center of UC Berkeley (US) and PRX, presents research-tested ways to…

At UniDistance Suisse, the challenge has been launched: Is it possible to measure with reliability and validity how we control our attention?

A research project, led by Alodie Rey-Mermet and funded by the SNSF, has just started at the Faculty of Psychology of UniDistance Suisse. The aim of…

Work without Economic Growth?

Attend our webinar on workers’ protection in a greener and fairer economy.

Improving cartel screening with machine learning

David Imhof, who teaches in the French-speaking Bachelor's in Economics and Management, recently published 3 papers about cartel screening.

When predicting the weathers helps assess learning strategies

What is the weather prediction task good for? A new analysis of learning strategies by Prof. Dr. Pamela Banta Lavenex reveals how young adults solve…

Do you wish to combine studies with work, a sports career and family commitments? UniDistance Suisse offers the solution you are looking for: distance learning studies.

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Tuesday, 07.02.2023

[Webinar] Recording of synchronous class: Why? How?


Information webinars
Wednesday, 01.03.2023

Séance d'information pour le Bachelor en économie et management


Information webinars
Monday, 06.03.2023

Bachelor-Studium Wirtschaft Infoveranstaltung


Thursday, 16.03.2023

[Webinar] Fostering interactions during synchronous classes