Research groups


The geometry group conducts research in projective differential geometry and its interactions with complex geometry, partial differential equations and dynamical systems. Current areas of interest include: complex projective…


Applied Mathematics

The research group «Applied Mathematics» mainly develops numerical methods for control system design. We consider mathematical tools for system analysis but also for the efficient design of controllers and system…


Probability Theory

Probability theory is the language that enables a precise mathematical treatment of randomness. Many areas of science use it to formulate probabilistic models of random phenomena. The probability group studies fundamental…


High Performance Methods for Numerical Simulation in Science, Medicine, and Engineering

The research in Prof. Dr Rolf Krause’s group focuses on numerical methods for partial differential equations, finite elements, optimization, advanced machine learning, and scientific software for large scale applications and…


Number theory

The number theory research group led by Prof David Loeffler studies the properties of the familiar whole numbers (integers) 1, 2, 3, .... The group focusses on problems involving finding integer solutions of algebraic…


Research projects in mathematics

Minimal Lagrangian connections and related structures

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Interpolation-Based Numerical Methods in Robust Control

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Academic Events

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science organises a series of hour-long talks, the UniDistance Suisse Mathematics Colloquium. It is held 2-3 times per semester on Thursdays at 5 p.m. on Zoom. 

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