Are you looking for a way to study that fits in with your busy life? At UniDistance Suisse, you have come to the right place.  

Studying remotely is a great idea. Find out why and how studying online can boost your career. 


Are you looking for...

Flexible studying that fits into your schedule?

Organise your studies according to your constraints.

How does flexible studying work?

Support from your teaching teams?

Receive personalised support and stay in touch with other students.

How will I be supported?

A recognised and quality degree?

Our degrees are recognised by the Confederation…. 

Are our degrees recognised?

Personal and professional success?

Our students find jobs and improve their self-esteem.

What do our students say?

UniDistance Suisse is an accredited university institute offering you quality study that is recognised internationally. You study there with complete flexibility, adapted to your personal constraints. 

Distance studies adapt to your needs

Do you have?

A job

Study during your lunch break, in the evenings or at weekends.

Discover how

A family

Study when your children are at school or asleep.

Discover how

A sports career

Pursue your courses in between competitions.

Discover how

Specific needs

Study from home with the assistance you require.

Discover how

Voices of our students, alumni and teachers

Portrait of Sebastian Wötzke

Sebastian Wötzke

Portrait of Thomas Aeschlimann

Thomas Aeschlimann

Cantonal Police Officer
Student Bachelor’s degree in Law

Portrait of Dao Nguyen

Dao Nguyen

Law graduate
Pharmacist, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Head of apprenticeship training at the University of Geneva

How do I register with UniDistance Suisse?

Would you like to register for a bachelor's, master's or continuing education programme offered by UniDistance Suisse?

Check whether you meet our admission requirements and register in three steps. 


Admission requirements

To register for a Bachelor, you will need:

Rules of admission



To register for a master’s, you require: 

  • Swiss qualification: Bachelor's corresponding to the master’s. For example, Bachelor in Law to enrol in a Master of Law, Bachelor in Psychology to register for a Master in Psychology
  • Swiss qualification: Bachelor's degree from a discipline other than the master’s with at least 60 ECTS credits in the master’s discipline
  • Foreign degree: Bachelor's degree from an accredited or recognised university: admission with catch-up programme  
  • Excellent oral and written command of the French language, sometimes German and English, depending on the master’s selected


  • Bachelor's or diploma deemed equivalent in a field relevant to the programme
  • Professional experience in conjunction with continuing education

Shorter continuing education programmes

The registration conditions vary from course to course. Please refer to the programme's page to find out more about admissions.

Read the study regulations


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Do you have any questions?

Our Student Managers will be glad to help you in French, German or English.
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