For UniDistance Suisse, internationalisation means the development of partnerships with research and education institutions, not only in Switzerland but also abroad.

Find out about our strategy

What are the main points of our strategy?

UniDistance Suisse has built up an international network of partners in the fields of education and research and is a member of the following international networks in particular:

  • European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU)
  • Interuniversity Federation of Distance Education (FIED)
  • International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE)
  • European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN)

UniDistance Suisse naturally lends itself very well to the virtual mobility of students. It participates in pilot projects to that end within the EADTU.

The aim of UniDistance Suisse is to increase the proportion of Swiss people from abroad (currently: 2%) who study at the institute.

In addition, it is increasing the proportion of courses taught in English and bilingual courses in order to appeal more to an international target.

Finally, it is putting new programmes in place where studying in more than one institution and one country is compulsory.

All UniDistance Suisse courses follow international standards. They include presentations by foreign lecturers. Students and lecturers have access to national and international online resources.

The international network of professors and lecturers is part of the recruitment criteria. Participation in international conferences and sabbaticals are encouraged.

UniDistance Suisse offers courses in three languages and thus enables an international audience to attend its courses. In doing so, it helps to attract international talent to Canton Valais.

The researchers of UniDistance Suisse are actively involved in professional international networks, for example by joining the editorial staff of international journals. They publish first and foremost in international journals and take part in or organise international conferences.

Support for researchers

UniDistance Suisse encourages its researchers to develop and maintain their international network. A research management department is currently being set up in order to provide better support for researchers in their search for funding, in the management of the participants in experiments, as well as in data management.

Research in e-learning

UniDistance Suisse has expertise in distance education and learning and collaborates with other institutions. It is collaborating, for example, with researchers from the University of Lausanne. as well as from France, Canada and Belgium, on the Digital Skills project.

UniDistance Suisse is a multilingual institution. Particular emphasis is placed on the language skills of staff, who are encouraged to improve their level of German, French and English.

The Vice-Rector for Research is responsible for the international relations office of UniDistance Suisse.