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Portrait of Olivia Pajarola

Olivia Pajarola

Graduate Bachelor of Arts in Historical Sciences
Mother and Housewife

Portrait of Tayba Plattner

Tayba Plattner

Studentin Bachelor of Science in Psychology 
Mutter von drei Kindern

Portrait of Laura Moreno

Laura Moreno

Portrait of Daniel Ly

Daniel Ly

Student Bachelor of Law
Self-Employed IT Technician, Father, Deaf

Portrait of Sarah Loor-Bravo

Sarah Loor-Bravo

Portrait of Théo Wider

Théo Wider

Portrait of Claudia Luthiger

Claudia Luthiger

Portrait of Valentine Macheret

Valentine Macheret

Portrait of Patrizia Kummer

Patrizia Kummer

Olympic champion 2014
Triple world cup winner
Professional snowboarder & psychology graduate

Portrait of Anja Zenhäusern

Anja Zenhäusern

Portrait of Renata Perdrizat

Renata Perdrizat

Homemaker / Nurse
Graduate Bachelor’s degree in Law
Student Master’s degree in Law

Portrait of Nathalie François

Nathalie François

Portrait of Tarik Kapić

Tarik Kapić

Portrait of Andrea Samson

Andrea Samson

joint head of the French-language master's programme in psychology and associate professor of psychology at UniDistance Suisse

Portrait of Benjamin Gischard

Benjamin Gischard

Law student
Artistic gymnast

Portrait of Claudia Luthiger

Claudia Luthiger

Bachelor of History graduate

Portrait of Joscha Burkhalter

Joscha Burkhalter

Portrait of Thomas Aeschlimann

Thomas Aeschlimann

Cantonal Police Officer
Student Bachelor’s degree in Law

Portrait of Sam Vuilleumier

Sam Vuilleumier

Data security and protection specialist for the government of Vaud
Graduate CAS Data protection

Portrait of Jürg Schmutz

Jürg Schmutz

State Archivist of Lucerne Canton
CET Student CAS Data Protection

Portrait of Hervé Bourlard

Hervé Bourlard

Artificial Intelligence Professor and Scientific Head of Programme

Portrait of Colombine Verzat

Colombine Verzat

Student Master in Artificial Intelligence

Portrait of Sebastian Wötzke

Sebastian Wötzke

Portrait of Gaëlle Reset

Gaëlle Reset

Psychology graduate (Bachelor and Master)

Portrait of Rudolf Haltiner

Rudolf Haltiner

Absolvent Bachelor Geschichte
Geschäftsleiter einer Stiftung 

Portrait of Ramon Zenhäusern

Ramon Zenhäusern

Portrait of Pascale Eigensatz

Pascale Eigensatz

Absolventin Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Business Analystin in einer Grossbank

Portrait of Sandra Kunze

Sandra Kunze

Graduate, Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Project Manager UBS

Portrait of Lisa Thommen

Lisa Thommen

Absolventin Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Pflegefachfrau DN II (Psychiatrie)

Portrait of Fritz Inderbitzin

Fritz Inderbitzin

Student Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Pädagogischer Mitarbeiter AKAD

Portrait of Mirjam Mettler

Mirjam Mettler

Student Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Mother and Housewife

Portrait of Dao Nguyen

Dao Nguyen

Portrait of Katja Fleischer

Katja Fleischer

Portrait of Ladina Meier-Ruge

Ladina Meier-Ruge

Portrait of Mirjam Bürki

Mirjam Bürki

Portrait of Flurina Volken

Flurina Volken

Portrait of Marie-Antoinette Wetzstein

Marie-Antoinette Wetzstein

Portrait of Pascale Wagner

Pascale Wagner

Portrait of Sandra Wyss

Sandra Wyss

Portrait of Laura Rotheichner

Laura Rotheichner

Portrait of Dr. Matthias Maalouli-Hartmann

Dr. Matthias Maalouli-Hartmann

Portrait of Jenny Fry

Jenny Fry

Giovanni Leu

Portrait of Iris Zubler

Iris Zubler

Portrait of Laura Fournier

Laura Fournier

Portrait of Loris Schüpbach

Loris Schüpbach

Portrait of Prof. Dr. Thomas Reber

Prof. Dr. Thomas Reber

Portrait of Prof. Dr. Nicolas Rothen

Prof. Dr. Nicolas Rothen

Portrait of Yannik Dobler

Yannik Dobler

Portrait of Gregory Karlen

Gregory Karlen

Portrait of Manuela Küchler

Manuela Küchler

Portrait of Samantha Gazola de Almeida

Samantha Gazola de Almeida

Portrait of Yannick-Lennart Albrecht

Yannick-Lennart Albrecht

Portrait of Benoit Fumeaux

Benoit Fumeaux

Portrait of Julia Hassler

Julia Hassler

Portrait of Robert Lewis

Robert Lewis

Portrait of Antoine Dubuis

Antoine Dubuis

Antoine Dubuis, 26, is part of the first graduates from the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence. During his studies, he developed a project as part of his role as Machine Learning Engineer at Groupe Mutuel.

Portrait of Miro Zryd

Miro Zryd

Portrait of Artémis Avanésiani

Artémis Avanésiani

Portrait of Christine Lüthi Schneider

Christine Lüthi Schneider

Absolventin Geschichte
Pilotin bei Swiss International Air Lines

Portrait of Michel-Eric Lamon

Michel-Eric Lamon

Portrait of Margot Allin

Margot Allin

Portrait of David Rémondeulaz

David Rémondeulaz

Portrait of Thomas Sierro

Thomas Sierro

Portrait of Daniel Bujard

Daniel Bujard

Portrait of Silvia Theytaz

Silvia Theytaz

Portrait of Irène Duvaud

Irène Duvaud

Portrait of Gaëlle Molinari

Gaëlle Molinari

Portrait of Corinna Martarelli

Corinna Martarelli

Portrait of Nadège Salzmann

Nadège Salzmann

Portrait of Géraldine Coppin

Géraldine Coppin

Laure, Tayba, Mélanie et Audrey

Portrait of Mireille Fournier

Mireille Fournier

Portrait of Vincent Sierro

Vincent Sierro

Portrait of Aschwanden Rahel

Aschwanden Rahel

Portrait of Ladina Jenny

Ladina Jenny