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Portrait de Valentine Macheret
Valentine Macheret

Law student

« When I discovered UniDistance Suisse's range of studies, it was a no-brainer! A few weeks later, I was registered for the Bachelor of Law.

My family, friends and I were not at all familiar with the distance learning system. Since my early teens, I have regularly missed classes due to camps and ski competitions. Following my university education at UniDistance Suisse was the most appropriate solution to enable me to reconcile sport and studies.

I've always been interested in law. It’s an area that brings a lot to everyday life, since we are regularly faced with contracts. Thanks to the distance learning programme, I can organise my study time according to my training and my races. In skiing, the competition season runs from November to April. During this period, I have less time to study. But as a general rule, I try to organise myself as well as possible and stick to my schedule by working regularly on weekday nights and weekends. In autumn and spring, I have more time to study, alongside training, hobbies and time spent with family or friends.

The flexibility and freedom that distance learning gives me allows me to invest myself fully in my passion of skiing. However, I very much appreciate meeting the other students from time to time during the consolidation sessions. We can discuss the material as well as our experiences and give each other tips on how to organise ourselves! In addition, I meet people who, like me, have a passion or another job alongside their studies.

What’s next? I might be considering a masters. For now, I'm waiting for the results of my first exams! »