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Portrait de Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis

 Bachelor of Law and CAS in Data Protection graduate
Employee at an IT firm

« Employed in an IT company that is active in the banking sector, I completed the UniDistance Suisse Bachelor of Law a year ago and decided to continue my studies with the CAS in Data Protection.

Law is a fascinating field because, without us really realising it, it manages and organises our daily lives. In general, we only notice it when we are faced with a problem. We are currently seeing that, for many of the companies whose services we use on a daily basis, data are the essential raw material. These are of course the GAFAs (the web giants Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft), but also Migros, Coop, credit card companies, etc. Thanks to artificial intelligence, there are many ways to process this data, which are becoming a real strategic issue. Sometimes it's a bit like the “wild west”. This is why combining law and the emerging field of data protection (or rather the protection of the person through data) was obvious to me.

The fact that the CAS training is provided 100% at a distance is a change from traditional university studies, but also from the bachelor's degree I took with UniDistance Suisse, which still included a few face-to-face sessions. When pursuing training such as this, organisation is essential: for example, you have to watch the videos published regularly and not get caught up with time. I work on the CAS mainly in the evenings, after a break taking time out from my work. I also take advantage of the weekends to carry out the work required. As a UniDistance Suisse alumni, I have assimilated a good way of working and organisation has become clear and easy to set up. My tips for studying effectively at home? Get organised, plan your working hours and stick to them. Find a quiet place, get up earlier in the morning sometimes, and enjoy a calm and cool house. »