Portrait de Nadège Salzmann
Nadège Salzmann

Law graduate
Teacher and mother of 3 children

« I like to learn and I need to be constantly stimulated intellectually, to feel that I am progressing. When a friend told me that her husband was studying remotely, I inquired and was immediately won over. The following term, I started classes.

Three afternoons a week, I put myself in my bubble and set myself specific study goals. I also take advantage of every free moment to study (children's naps, trips, etc.). My husband and my parents are very supportive and it helps me a lot.

At UniDistance Suisse, everything is set up so that you can work completely independently and organise yourself in advance. For example, the fact that the terms are longer than the classic university terms is just GREAT. UniDistance Suisse is also part of my social life because I have very frequent contact with teachers and students whether through messages, e-mails or the ULSA association.

I clearly recommend distance learning for people who need autonomy in their work and who know how to organise themselves.

After the bachelor's degree, I plan to continue with a master's degree in law, a thesis, and maybe the bar exam when my children will be in school.  »