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Portrait d'Antoine Dubuis
Antoine Dubuis

Graduate Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning Engineer at Groupe Mutuel

It all started when I saw that my company was looking for volunteers to take this new course. Being passionate about new technologies, I was immediately interested in following a university course in a technical field. My aim was to acquire key skills for my future career and to be able to apply them directly within my company. This degree gives me a competitive advantage in the job market. My project ‘Sentiment Analysis on Low-Resource Corporate Data using Deep Learning’ focused on sentiment analysis in Groupe Mutuel’s emails. It consisted of measuring the feelings expressed by our customers in their emails in order to prioritise their request and offer a personalised service based on their feelings. This master thesis covers the different phases essential to a data science project. Namely, understanding the existing process, cleaning the data, creating a statistical model, visualisation and industrialisation of the solution.

In order to help me achieve my objective in the best possible way, I was able to benefit from coaching by three experts who supported me in setting up the basis of the project, defining the problem and its solution. Over time, they challenged my research, my results and my ideas. Thanks to them, I was able to benefit from a scientific point of view regarding my approach. My employer, Groupe Mutuel, trusted me to organise my study and work time on my master project. The content of the online courses could be viewed several times and was available via computer or smartphone. Even remotely, the lecturers could always be reached  via our forums, chats and virtual classes. In addition, it was possible for the training to be adapted overnight and effectively in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I would not hesitate to recommend this programme. The training is flexible as it is carried out remotely. It offers general knowledge in artificial intelligence. The skills taught are a great asset for the coming years. However, it is a very demanding course. You need to be prepared to devote plenty of your time to it.