Portrait de Corinna Martarelli
Corinna Martarelli

Assistant professor and lecturer in psychology at UniDistance Suisse

« I have been working on the psychology course at UniDistance Suisse since 2012, first as an assistant and now as a lecturer. I like the concept very much, because UniDistance Suisse enables part-time studies with a lot of flexibility, so that work, family and leisure time can be combined with learning. UniDistance Suisse enables you to obtain an academically recognised qualification. This is a very important factor for me and explains my commitment to the psychology degree. Another element that motivates my commitment is my interest in innovative teaching and learning methods. Today's world is characterised by the Internet (everything is faster, more individual and ideally also better) and distance learning corresponds to this zeitgeist and represents the future: innovative learning methods, different teaching methods (online support, virtual meetings, face-to-face events) and individualised support are made possible.

I am responsible for the course “Methods and Statistics II”. I appreciate the interaction with students and see it as a challenge to arouse their interest in research. »