Portrait de David Rémondeulaz
David Rémondeulaz

Law graduate
Director of public safety, Sion Police

« As a holder of a degree from ETH Zurich and wishing to open up new professional avenues, only a distance course was possible, given my status as a father and my position of responsibility in professional life.

I opted for the UniDistance Suisse law school not only because it allows you to organise yourself freely, but also for the quality of the teaching staff from French-speaking universities.

I was able to complete these studies by planning my days strictly and showing plenty of discipline, which was possible thanks to the support of my family. In addition to this aspect, it’s true that the prospects offered by obtaining a second academic degree and studying law have greatly contributed to the success of this training. Finally, even if it created an additional difficulty, I am convinced that my intensive practice of running helped me to support this rhythm for more than 4 years.

Thanks to the confidence of my employer and my studies at UniDistance Suisse, I was able to deal with the legal files spontaneously and successfully in my department and to see the enormous added value that academic training has brought to my job. Likewise, my professional experience and practising law at work have saved me many hours of study.

This intensive course at UniDistance Suisse did not dampen my thirst for knowledge; quite the contrary, since 2 years after obtaining this bachelor's degree, I registered to follow a master's programme at the University of Lausanne (IDHEAP) from 2019. »