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Portrait de Jürg Schmutz
Jürg Schmutz

State Archivist of Lucerne Canton
CET Student CAS Data Protection

A couple of years ago, I was already studying law for a few semesters at UniDistance Suisse. Because of a change of job and position, I had to stop doing that course at the time, but it was clear to me that this was the way I would study again sometime, if at all.

A State archive is full of personal data. In principle, that data is well protected but may also, under certain conditions, be handed over to specific people, while it must remain blocked for others. In order to be able to weigh up, on a sounder basis, the interests of the various stakeholders, such as data producers, the subjects concerned, researchers or media representatives, I decided to complete the CAS Data Protection course of UniDistance Suisse. 

Alongside my full-time position, the only option for this kind of CET course is distance learning, which offers me as much freedom as possible in organising my study time. Clearly structured learning periods, self-discipline and my family’s understanding for evenings taken up with studying are indispensable prerequisites for successful studies. UniDistance Suisse offers me the first of those, my employer, my wife and I myself make sure that the other conditions are met.

With learning videos, regular virtual classes and credit certificates which are spread over the right amount of time, the course offers a good combination of structure and independence, of pressure and freedom, which makes it possible for me to work through the learning content on a largely self-determined basis and to achieve the targets set, without feeling under too much pressure. So, for people in my situation, I can recommend both the “CAS Data Protection” CET course of UniDistance Suisse and the way in which it runs.