Portrait de Benjamin Gischard
Benjamin Gischard

Law student
Artistic gymnast

I have two goals in my life: on the one hand, my sports career and on the other hand, my law studies, which I would like to complete. How can I achieve both these aims? I turned to Swiss Olympic with this question. The solution: remote study at UniDistance Suisse.

Sport is my great passion. Nevertheless, I want to build up a second mainstay alongside and after sport. It's impossible for me to combine sport and studies at a university I have to attend in the usual way. UniDistance Suisse provides me with the opportunity to achieve my goals. With distance learning, I decide for myself when and where I study. 

The fact that I can combine distance learning and sport also has a mental advantage for me. As a top athlete, my training is all about the sport. Distance learning helps me to think differently. Studying is almost like taking a break for me, and I can use the time sensibly.

The fact that I have to sacrifice my free time to do this is not a problem for me. I know that at the end of my studies I will have a recognised university degree to take away with me.

Even though I often learn on my own with remote study, UniDistance Suisse never makes me feel alone. If there are absences due to my high-performance sport, they are always very understanding and my concerns are taken care of individually – quickly and efficiently.

Sport and studies go hand in hand for me thanks to UniDistance Suisse. I recommend this solution to everyone who has the same goals as me.