Portrait d'Andrea Samson
Andrea Samson

Associate professor of psychology at UniDistance Suisse

When I started my university studies, the Internet was not very present in our lives. I remember we were one of the first intakes of students to be given an e-mail address. Today, the landscape of education has changed dramatically. Thanks to digitalisation, more people have access to studies, especially distance studies.

Online education represents a great opportunity for people to be able to study, especially those who not only have a job, sometimes with inflexible hours, but also a family. Having children myself, I know how complicated it can be organising nursery, school or even after-school care. UniDistance Suisse students have a little more freedom to manage their study schedules around their other work or family commitments.

As a teacher, I notice that the students involved in our hybrid training show enormous enthusiasm. I have also taught in face-to-face universities and sometimes found myself dealing with less motivated people, perhaps too young, or who were not particularly interested in the subject. UniDistance Suisse students only have five face-to-face sessions, and they want to get the most out of them. It is a great pleasure for me to meet them and discuss with them during these gatherings.

The current generation of students at UniDistance Suisse is breaking the pre-existing pattern. In the past, we studied at the beginning of our lives, then we looked for a job, and we stayed there. People who have decided to train remotely, in psychology for example, sometimes come from a completely different path or are already active in the professional field. Today, reinventing oneself and acquiring new skills at another stage of life is also made possible thanks to new technology and various educational tools.

 I always say that it’s important to stay curious and enthusiastic about learning new knowledge. The students of UniDistance Suisse definitely have these qualities.