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Portrait de Thierry Schnyder
Dr. Thierry Schnyder

Cantonal judge and lecturer in law

« In my main job as a judge, the cases and the resulting legal issues are allocated to me. As a lecturer at UniDistance Suisse, I enjoy more freedom: I give lectures, publish books, support students in writing their academic papers and take part in university life. As a lecturer at UniDistance Suisse, I meet motivated and self-confident students with a wide variety of life experiences. They should understand law as a subject that has developed over a long period of time, which is constantly evolving and is extremely fascinating, although, despite having many positive functions, it cannot solve all the world's problems.

During my own studies in a traditional university, I regularly acquired the subject matter independently. UniDistance Suisse now offers students the tools they need to learn independently and under their own responsibility. A master's or bachelor's degree should not be taken lightly. Studying is always associated with effort. However, UniDistance Suisse provides students with more flexibility regarding when and where they want to study. »