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Portrait de Daniel Bujard
Daniel Bujard

History alumni
Bank employee, father, involved in journalism and politics

« Being of a curious and passionate temperament, I have gone in various professional directions during my life, including journalism. Interviewing personalities from various backgrounds made me understand that I needed to acquire knowledge to better understand certain contexts. I felt the same need in my political activities. I then started studying literature remotely, and this included a history module. I found what I was looking for. Nowadays, I devote myself solely to the historical sciences. I know I made the right choice. Because now everything is clear, whether in my work, in interviews, in politics or as a citizen listening to the news.

To succeed in my training, I follow a very strict schedule and methodology. For example, when I study for my classes, I take a ten-minute break every fifty minutes. Managing everything at the same time is not easy: my job, my family, my many activities... and my studies. But the fact that I can carry out the latter is mainly thanks to the support of my wife and my daughter. Without them, and without this teamwork and their availability, it would simply be impossible. »