You have a sport career and want to prepare your reconversion?

Distance learning is the perfect solution for athletes: you study before or after your training, between two competitions, at the hotel, by train or on the plane. No matter when or where. UniDistance Suisse thus offers you the best sports study solution. 

What accommodations do we propose for elite athletes?

  • You do not need to take any special steps or submit an application to qualify for accommodations.
  • Bachelor's degree duration: between 6 and 15 semesters.
  • You can take a break for a semester if you wish.
  • We are here for you and have your best interests at heart. For example, if your sports schedule prevents you from attending an exam or a group session, we always look for a solution.

Are you looking for...

Flexible studying that fits into your schedule?

Organise your studies according to your constraints.

How does flexible studying work?

Support from your teaching teams?

Receive personalised support and stay in touch with other students.

How will I be supported?

A recognised and quality degree?

Our degrees are recognised by the Confederation…. 

Are our degrees recognised?

Personal and professional success?

Our students find jobs and improve their self-esteem.

What do our students say?

Voices of Distant Learning

More opinions from athletes
Portrait de Pascale Wagner
Pascale Wagner

Graduate of the Bachelor in Psychology, student Master in Psychology
Vaulting athlete

«My passion for vaulting keeps me busy full-time. As I train many hours every day, distance learning was perfect for me. I was able to study in parallel with my sporting career without giving up either.

As there was very little compulsory attendance for my studies, I was able to take part in the biggest tournaments in Switzerland and abroad. And I qualified for championships and world cups.

Distance learning adapts to our lives. Everyone can learn according to their needs, without feeling alone. At UniDistance Suisse, I felt really supported. Distance learning? I'd recommend it to anyone!»

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Our courses


Do you want to practise a profession in the legal sector, add to your skills and obtain better professional prospects? Follow our bachelor's and master's degrees in law, with complete flexibility.   

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A psychology course offers many opportunities. It perfectly complements your skills in the socio-educational, health, human resources and teaching sectors. Our master's degree in psychology gives you the qualification of psychologist.

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Bachelor / Master

Economics and Management

Economics and business management offer you a wide range of opportunities. In addition to macro and microeconomics, public economics or finance, this course also trains you in marketing, management control, finance and business strategy, and especially in entrepreneurship.

Discover our courses in economics and management or economics




Explore contemporary history, focusing on the evolution of societies in the 19th and 20th centuries. What are the features of the programme? You learn, in parallel, political history and politology, economic history and economics, social history and sociology, or even media history and communication and media sciences.  

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Are you looking for a modern course to become an expert in algorithms, AI or even statistics? This course is for you. In addition to the technical skills and the many outlets offered by mathematics, the latter make it possible to better learn to analyse and manage complex situations.

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Artificial Intelligence

Managing artificial intelligence projects requires advanced skills that you acquire during this unique and visionary course: you study part-time and work part-time as well, applying your knowledge directly in your business project. 

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Continuing education programmes

Data Protection

Become an expert with this 100% online data protection course: law and laws, information governance, IT security, etc. Choose the five-month orientation for companies or the six-month orientation for public administrations.

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Certificate of Advanced Studies

Nutrition and behaviour

How to understand and analyse eating behaviours? Psychology, brain, emotions and behaviour: acquire these skills with our continuous education.

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Certificate of Advanced Studies
Short programme Nutrition au féminin

Francophone studies

Are you passionate about Francophone literature and culture? Gain interdisciplinary skills, learn to appraise works, become an expert in document digitisation, and develop global expertise in the Francophone world.

Discover our course in Francophone studies

Certificate of Advanced Studies

Frequently asked questions by athletes about distance studies

Distance learning gives you the flexibility you need to study alongside your athletic career.

You study at the time and day that suits you best, and in the place that is ideal for you: at home, at the hotel, on the train, on the plane…. Your study therefore adapts perfectly to your training and competition schedule.

In addition, studying can paradoxically help you in sport because you will find a balance by working your mind as much as your body.

You don't have classes in the classic sense of the term, but your teaching teams regularly invite you to virtual classes on Zoom or to face-to-face group sessions. You must attend three of these per term to register for the exams, which usually gives you a sufficient choice of dates.

Exams are always held on Saturday, at the end of each term. Right now they take place online. If you cannot attend due to training or competition, inform your dean who will exempt you. You can do this another time.

Yes, all our degrees are recognised in Switzerland and internationally, in the same way as those of Swiss universities, for example. UniDistance Suisse is a university institute recognised and accredited in accordance with the Swiss law on higher education (LEHE).

For many employers, people who successfully complete their employment studies demonstrate strong potential in terms of both soft skills and technical skills.  

The fees regulations are depend on the course of study. Added to this are costs of course materials and travel if necessary.
 Details of the costs to be covered by students are set out in the Fees Regulations.