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Portrait de Renata Perdrizat
Renata Perdrizat

Homemaker / Nurse
Graduate Bachelor’s degree in Law
Student Master’s degree in Law

I really want to work as a legal adviser – preferably self-employed – in the private law sphere. The range of courses offered by UniDistance Suisse with supported online studying convinced me straight away. The four or five additional attendance-based classes or the online sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic, the independent learning and preparatory phase at home and the learning platform make the options offered coherent and attractive.

The decisive plus point was the option of being able to complete the legal studies on a part-time basis. Because distance learning makes it possible for me to plan the time for studying and reading the textbooks in the way that fits in best with my everyday life. I very much appreciate the fact that I can study at home in my usual surroundings. That way, I save a huge amount of time as well, because I only very rarely must invest in travel time to attend on-campus classes. Learning independently and acquiring knowledge within a very short period of time makes me very proud and gives me fresh motivation every semester.

UniDistance Suisse provides the general framework necessary to be able to complete supported online studies successfully. I have had competent and targeted instruction from the teaching teams of UniDistance Suisse throughout the whole duration of my course and they guide me through the lectures, seminars and tutorials. The strongly practice-based approach (e.g. with legal cases from real life) always helps me to better connect the theoretical knowledge I have acquired, brings the legal subject matter to life and makes it more interesting.

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