Master of Science in Economics, Business and Data Analytics , 90 ECTS

Duration :5 semesters
Workload : ~ 25 h / week
Language :English
Classes start on : 1 August
1 February
Price : CHF 1400 / semester
30 November 2024
In a few words

The Master of Science in Economics, Business and Data Analytics offers you a rigorous university education that will enable you to analyse and understand markets, organisations, and decision making. The programme will empower you to take advantage of (big) data using state-of-the-art analytical methods to apply insights from frontier research to real-world problems.

Our professors for the Master in Economics, Business and Data Analytics

Prof. Anthony Strittmatter
Photo portrait de Manuel Grieder
Prof. Dr Manuel Grieder

Companies and other organisations work with an abundance of data (keyword "big data") and economic decisions are increasingly data-based. Thus, the ability to analyse data has become a key competence in various industries and functions in business. 

Our Master's programme aims to provide students with in-depth skills in handling and analysing data in different economic contexts. Specifically, this means that students learn about and apply the central concepts and tools from the fields of econometrics and machine learning. This in-depth knowledge of data analysis is supplemented by in-depth training in selected key areas of economics and business administration. Students can choose between various focus areas such as decision-making, entrepreneurship & innovation, marketing & consumer behaviour, digitalisation, public economics or sustainability. This unique combination enables our graduates to successfully master challenges in a variety of different economic contexts.

With our Master's degree, you will have access to numerous fascinating opportunities in corporations, SMEs, start-ups, NGOs and the public sector that require competent handling of data and data analysis. The Master's programme at UniDistance Suisse provides you with the necessary skills in econometrics and machine learning, combined with a theoretically sound but also practice-oriented understanding of how markets and organizations work. These versatile skills can open doors to various professional fields, be it in data science, business analysis, market research, marketing, product development and product management, strategic management, management, consulting, economic and political consulting, economic analysis, or even in scientific research. After completing the Master's degree, you will also have the possibility to do a doctorate.

The 90 ECTS credits are spread over 5 semesters, resulting in a typical study duration of 2.5 years. 

This Master’s programme is designed specifically for part-time students, allowing modules to be taken in parallel with a professional activity or other obligations. 

The study fees amount to CHF 1'400 per semester, irrespective of the number of modules selected per semester.  

Fees are invoiced per semester.

Additional costs for study materials may occur, for example, for textbooks, software, or lending services. Such additional costs can amount to CHF 100-150 per module.

The Master of Science in Economics, Business and Data Analytics is only available in English.

Our lecturers for the Master in Economics, Business and Data Analytics

  • Dr Lingqing Jiang
  • Prof. Dr Martin Huber
  • Prof. Dr Emmanuelle Fauchart
  • Prof. Dr Reto Hofstetter
  • Dr Nicolas Bastardoz

Voices of distant learning

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Portrait de Ladina Meier-Ruge
Ladina Meier-Ruge

Graduate Bachelor in Economics

«It was important for me to continue my education while doing sports. Thanks to UniDistance Suisse, I was able to organise my studies in a flexible way. I could really use my available time to study wherever I was: on the plane, the train, the bus, in my hotel room. It was unique and incredibly convenient.

The discipline you have to show every day as an athlete also helps you to study regularly and fast at university. On the other hand, studying also helps you to switch off. When I wasn't competing or training, it gave me the chance to immerse myself in another world and gain some distance. It gave me a sense of balance.»

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