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At UniDistance Suisse, you study while working and can therefore immediately apply your new knowledge, which will help you progress professionally.

You can also prepare for your professional retraining without giving up your current job and life.

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Flexible studying that fits into your schedule?

Organise your studies according to your constraints.

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Receive personalised support and stay in touch with other students.

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Our degrees are recognised by the Confederation…. 

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Our students find jobs and improve their self-esteem.

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Testimonials from people who work and study remotely

At my computer, I was able to consult the forums and maintain contact with teachers and other students. I'm not sure I would have enjoyed the same quality of listening in a crowded amphitheatre.

Discover the story of Gaëlle, graduate master’s in psychology

Frequently asked questions by people in employment on distance studies

It depends on your personal situation Indeed, you will have to dedicate 20 to 25 hours per week to your studies. It will be very difficult if you work full time, and have a family and other obligations.

In this case, reduce your working time and your hobbies and get support to take care of the children. If you don't have children and you are very well organised, then full time work is possible.  

Distance learning allows you to combine these two activities. You study in the morning, in the evening or at weekends, when you are not working. You can also study at home, on the train, at the office during a lunch break… in short, this type of study offers you maximum flexibility.
You can thus acquire new skills, or even prepare for a professional retraining, without losing the advantages offered by your current professional situation.

Yes, all our degrees are recognised in Switzerland and internationally, in the same way as those of Swiss universities, for example. UniDistance Suisse is a university institute recognised and accredited in accordance with the Swiss law on higher education (LEHE).

For many employers, people who successfully complete their employment studies demonstrate strong potential in terms of both soft skills and technical skills.  

The fees regulations are depend on the course of study. Added to this are costs of course materials and travel if necessary.
 Details of the costs to be covered by students are set out in the Fees Regulations.