Do you have a disability?

Distance learning is the perfect solution for people who have difficulty travelling, moving, seeing or hearing.

It is also intended for people who have many medical appointments as well as all those who do not feel comfortable in crowded auditoriums. 

At UniDistance Suisse, you study at home, with complete peace of mind, and with the tools and support you need.

Are you looking for...

Flexible studying that fits into your schedule?

Organise your studies according to your constraints.

How does flexible studying work?

Support from your teaching teams?

Receive personalised support and stay in touch with other students.

How will I be supported?

A recognised and quality degree?

Our degrees are recognised by the Confederation…. 

Are our degrees recognised?

Personal and professional success?

Our students find jobs and improve their self-esteem.

What do our students say?

Témoignages de personnes en situation de handicap, de maladie ou de neurodiversité

Portrait of Daniel Ly

Daniel Ly

Student Bachelor of Law
Self-Employed IT Technician, Father, Deaf

Portrait of Sarah Loor-Bravo

Sarah Loor-Bravo

Portrait of Théo Wider

Théo Wider