Distance learning courses can be adapted to suit persons with special needs. In order to support the inclusion of everyone, Unidistance offers the possibility of submitting applications for compensation for disabilities.

UniDistance Suisse offre-t-elle la possibilité de déposer une demande de compensation des désavantages ?

Les étudiant-e-s atteint-e-s d'un handicap ou d'une maladie chronique ont la possibilité de déposer une demande de compensation des désavantages. La compensation des désavantages comprend l'adaptation proportionnelle des prestations d'études ou des contrôles de connaissances afin de compenser les désavantages liés au handicap. Veuillez noter que les exigences relatives aux objectifs à atteindre restent inchangées. Les adaptations peuvent, par exemple, consister en un allongement du temps, des pauses supplémentaires ou l'utilisation de moyens auxiliaires.

Il est important de planifier soigneusement vos études à l'avance et de procéder aux clarifications et préparations nécessaires afin d'organiser au mieux le déroulement de vos études.

This option is available to students, for example:

  • with a physical disability: mobility, visual or hearing impairment, etc. ;
  • with a chronic illness;
  • with one or more learning disabilities (dyslexia, spelling disorders, numeracy disorders, etc.);
  • with an autism spectrum disorder;
  • with attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity.

If this concerns you as a student, please proceed as follows :

Before contacting Student Services and submitting an application, you should try to answer the following questions:

  • In which phases of your studies and in which specific situations during your studies do you think you will be adversely affected?
  • Do you already use any assistive devices or are you aware of any that could help you? What needs to be taken into account in this respect?
  • What kind of support do you need? What type of support has helped you in the past?
  • Do you already have a medical certificate describing your disability, particularly in relation to your situation as a student?
  • Have you already taken any additional courses of action?
    • External services
    • Auxiliaries
    • Mobility

You can then submit a request for compensation for disabilities. The request must be submitted to Student Services (studentservices@unidistance.ch) using this form before the relevant exams, if possible at the beginning of the semester. A medical certificate or other evidence must be joined to the application*.

* The medical certificate must be recent (generally not more than one year). Depending on the type of application, the certificate must be issued by a doctor or a specialist psychologist. The medical certificate must establish how the student's daily life is affected. It must specify that the situation is of a long-term nature or that it will still be existing at the time of the relevant exam. This must also be mentioned in the request for compensation for disability.

Application form