Bachelor of Science in Mathematics , 180 ECTS

Duration :9 semesters
Workload : ~ 30 h / week
Language :English
Classes start on : 1st February
1st August
Price : CHF 1300 / semester
30 November 2024
In a few words

Mathematics is a universal and fundamental field of study that gives us a clearer understanding of our modern digital world. It stimulates abstract, logical and differentiated thinking. Such  skills are highly valued nowadays: more than ever, mathematicians are much sought after in the industry, business and research sectors.

The course is designed according to the premise of lifelong knowledge – not just lifelong learning. It is a modern mathematics course directly related to applications and the digitalized world. The world today is, to an increasing extent, an algorithmic one. A solid understanding of algorithms is therefore ever more important and will be developped throughout the Bachelor's degree course. It enables the students to acquire lasting skills, which can be built upon at any time and can be used universally. 

More information

The course places emphasis on both the theoretical fundamental principles of mathematics and applications. The first modules start at an elementary level, while still conveying a sense of the abstractness and demands of mathematics. From the start, great emphasis is placed on clear concepts and logical inferences. The curriculum takes into account the hierarchical structure of mathematics. You will first acquire a thorough understanding of the fundamentals, which form the basis of the more advanced topics. At the same time, the course has a strong applied focus.

The course is based on current research findings and modern methods of learning.

Our professors for the Bachelor in Mathematics

Prof. Dr David Loeffler
Prof. Dr Rolf Krause
Photo portrait de Matthias Voigt
Prof. Dr Matthias Voigt
Prof. Dr Thomas Mettler
Prof. Dr David Belius

Mathematics is the intelligent and central core of our world. Mathematics helps us form and shape the world of tomorrow.

Mathematics enables us to describe complex facts precisely and, thereby, make them accessible to qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Mathematical knowledge will always remain valid, research does not render it obsolete, but leads to a better understanding, opening the way to new discoveries.

The fundamental methodology and the understanding you will acquire can be used in numerous fields, such as the natural sciences, ICT, medicine, the life sciences, engineering and in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Do you like solving abstract problems?
  • Do you like understanding connections? 
  • Getting to the bottom of things?
  • Would you like to not only apply AI, but also understand its fundamental principles?
  • Would you like to predict the behaviour of an artificial cardiac valve?
  • Or model and simulate climate change?
  • Would you like to understand secure data exchange?
  • Or appraise and assess risks?

If you are interested in these topics and questions, our modern Bachelor’s degree course lays the foundations to answer all these questions, and many more.

The course of study encompasses 180 ECTS points (credits) and lasts 9 semesters (4½ years). One ECTS point corresponds to an average student workload of 25-30 hours.

All courses at UniDistance Suisse are part-time. You can study as you work, care for your family or alongside a career in sports or music.

The maximum duration is 15 semesters.

Particularly in the age of digitalization, a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics opens the door to interesting and future-oriented fields of activity and constitutes a valuable additional qualification. The Bachelor’s degree course gives you a general understanding in various fields of mathematics and lays the foundation for studying in greater depth in a higher Master’s degree course. Successful graduates are well prepared for such Master’s studies.

Career prospects after studying mathematics

The career prospects for mathematicians are very good and varied. The analytical skills developed during your studies and the structured approach to problems which you will have learned enables you to familiarise yourself with all kinds of complex task areas within a short period of time.

The final degree qualifies you to enter a wide field of professional activities, such as:

  • Industry
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Financial sector
  • IT sector (e.g. data analysis)
  • Management consultancy
  • Research and development (including outside of universities or HEIs)

Further studies following the Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics

With the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, various Master’s degree courses are open to you at Swiss traditional universities.

Likewise, once you have successfully completed a Master’s, there is the option of doing a doctorate at a Swiss attendance-based university.

For the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, the course fees come to a fixed amount of CHF 1 300.00 per semester.

This amount does not depend on the number of modules you take in the relevant semester. Therefore, whether students take only one new module or several and, at the same time, if need be, repeat modules they have to retake this, has no influence on the course fees. It should be noted, that, under the regulations, students may, in principle, take two to three new modules and, in addition, modules they have to retake (exceptions are laid down in the course-specific appendix to the course regulations). In the Bachelor’s degree course in Mathematics some semesters have three modules.

The course fees are payable before the start of each course. In every further semester, another invoice is issued. Payments cannot be made in instalments.

Costs of course materials

The costs of the course materials vary according to the module. Furthermore, costs of certain study resources (software, user accounts for the academic literature search or book lending) are payable. On average, costs amounting to CHF 100 - 150 per module can be assumed. Further details are laid down in the Regulations on Fees (DE and FR).


Unfortunately, UniDistance Suisse does not offer any grants. For more information, please see the Admission and Registration page.

Quelles compétences linguistiques sont requises pour ce Bachelor en mathématiques ?

Le Bachelor en mathématiques est uniquement dispensé en anglais. Le niveau d'anglais n'est pas évalué au moment de l'admission, mais nous recommandons un niveau C1.

Zweisprachiges Studium

Es ist nicht möglich, den Bachelor in Mathematik zweisprachig zu belegen. Das Studium kann nur vollständig in Englisch absolviert werden.

Our lecturers for the Bachelor in Mathematics

  • Prof. Dr Helmut HarbrechtProf. Dr Helmut Harbrecht
  • Prof. Dr Antti Knowles
  • Dr Marco Favino
  • Dr Emanuele Delucchi
  • Prof. Dr Michel Chipot

Do you have any questions?

Our Student Managers will be glad to help you in French, German or English.
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