Professor Thierry Godel and his research group focus on studying the criminal aspects of extremism and various manifestations of violence, including those associated with new technologies, affecting individuals, communities, and the state. The professor also explores issues related to criminal law doctrine and general criminal law, as well as military criminal law.


The group periodically organizes a series of one or more “Discovery Webinars” open to all audiences, focusing on various and innovative themes related to the research areas.

Prof. Dr Thierry GodelProf. Dr Thierry GodelAssistant Professor
MLaw Nicolas BloqueMLaw Nicolas BloqueTeaching Assistant
MLaw Morgane DélèzeMLaw Morgane DélèzeAssistante d’enseignement et recherche
MLaw Nicolas WiderMLaw Nicolas WiderResearch assistant
MLaw Fanny DiasMLaw Fanny DiasTeaching and Research Assistant

Dernières conférences du groupe de recherche en droit pénal

Research projects of the group

General Criminal Law and penal dogmatics

Faculty of Law

Military Criminal Law

Faculty of Law

Violence and Extremism

Faculty of Law