The group works on penal dogmatics, also known Criminal Law Theories (the study of penal norms and the repressive system), as well as to fundamental issues of general criminal law, employing a critical and multidisciplinary approach. The methodology aims, on one hand, to explain the interactions, similarities, and specificities among the various branches of criminal law. On the other hand, it seeks to compare the Swiss penal system with those established abroad and to align it with the principles of higher law.

Projets en cours

  • Wider Nicolas, La négligence pénale (thèse de doctorat à l’Université de Fribourg)
  • Hurtado Pozo José, Godel Thierry, Codigo penal suizo, Parte General

Projet achevé


Prof. Dr Thierry Godel
Prof. Dr Thierry Godel Assistant Professor
MLaw Nicolas Wider
MLaw Nicolas Wider Research and teaching assistant