The Faculty Council brings together all the professors and course directors of a faculty. The lecturers, assistants and students have two representatives in it respectively. The Faculty Council is led by the dean.

The areas of competence and missions of the Faculty Council are:

  • to award the academic degrees and diplomas of the faculty
  • to draw up the study plans
  • to elect the dean

It meets at least once a semester.

Prof. Dr Renate SchubertProf. Dr Renate SchubertDeanProgramme Director Bachelor DE
Prof. Dr Karin MoserProf. Dr Karin MoserFull Professor
Prof. Dr Manuel GriederProf. Dr Manuel GriederAssistant professorProgramme Director Master EN
Prof. Dr Michael KurschilgenProf. Dr Michael KurschilgenAssistant ProfessorProgramme Director Bachelor F
Prof. Dr Anthony StrittmatterProf. Dr Anthony StrittmatterFull Professor
Vacant / VakantLecturers' Representative DE
Prof. Cédric TilleProf. Cédric TilleLecturers' Representative FR
Dr Stefan MeyerDr Stefan MeyerAssistants' Representative DE
Dr Jean-Christian TisserandDr Jean-Christian TisserandAssistants' Representative FR
Katrin ZinkeStudents' Representative DE
Adeai Assis MehmetiAdeai Assis MehmetiStudents' Representative FR
MSc Felix SchlüterFaculty ManagerMember with consultative vote
Dipl. - Kff. (Uni) Petra Köhler-SauerDipl. - Kff. (Uni) Petra Köhler-SauerFaculty ManagerMember with consultative vote
MA Jean-Paul DrozMA Jean-Paul DrozFaculty ManagerMember with consultative vote
MSc Loris SchmidFaculty ManagerMember with consultative vote