This project investigates the optimum configuration of factors for learning a second language efficiently.

Fundamental neurocognitive research has created a great deal of relevant knowledge of how learning processes can be optimised. Unfortunately, this is not transferred to the classroom, or only very rarely. The proposed project sets itself the objective of using known learning principles from neurocognitive basic research in a web application and determining their optimal implementation.
The study takes place as a web experiment in the context of experimental exercises in HS18 of the Bachelor's in Psychology at the UniDistance Suisse.

Project duration

01.08.2018 - 31.12.2019


Prof. Dr Thomas Reber
Prof. Dr Thomas Reber Assistant professor
Prof. Dr Nicolas Rothen
Prof. Dr Nicolas Rothen Assistant professor
Angelo Belardi
Angelo Belardi Dr, research assistant
Salome Pedrett
Salome Pedrett Research assistant