In his new report «The working poor: a human rights approach to wages» to the UN General Assembly, the UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty thanks Professor Nicolas Bueno for his research on the right to fair remuneration.

The UN report cites Professor Bueno’s scientific article: “From Productive Work to Capability-Enhancing Work: Implications for Labour Law and Policy”, 23(3) Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, (2022). In this article, UniDistance Suisse’s professor of international law discusses the value of work beyond its wage and recommends that governments should consider the positive and negative impact of work on other people and the environment instead of only looking at attracting high-paying jobs in their employment policies.

Read the complete report here

Read Prof. Dr Nicolas Bueno's blog interview about the future of work, or watch the video below to find out more about his research on labour law.

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