Certificate of Advanced Studies Agile Transformation and Innovation , 10 ECTS

Duration :4 months
Workload : ~ 15 h / week
Language :English
Classes start on : Start February and September
Price : CHF 7600.-
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In a globalised market, only those enterprises and organisations that do not shy away from the fundamental social and technological changes but, rather, adapt as quickly as possible to the new underlying conditions and demands, have a chance of survival. Agile transformation and innovation management make enterprises and organisations adaptable so that they can react dynamically to external and internal circumstances.

While agility is, for the most part, introduced only in individual areas of a business, a successful agile transformation must be applied at all corporate levels. Agile transformation and innovation means adapting to fast-changing market conditions and initiating, systematically structuring, and guiding and supporting enterprise-wide sustainable, cultural and technological change.

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The UniDistance Suisse CAS gives you a comprehensive continuing education in agile transformation and innovation that you can complete part-time. You can develop your own personal project throughout the programme, and can book additional coaching from Prof. Christoph Peters or Dr Karen Eilers to implement it into your organisation.

Teaching team

  • Prof. Dr Christoph PetersProf. Dr Christoph Peters
  • René KrälingRené Kräling
  • Dr Karen EilersDr Karen Eilers

The CAS Agile Transformation and Innovation is aimed at people who would like to extend their knowledge or gain new competencies in agile business transformation and innovation:

  • Graduates with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a university or higher education institution in economic sciences, business information systems, business psychology, industrial engineering or business studies

Professional groups:

  • Employees at middle and upper management levels
  • Heads of department with managerial responsibility
  • Corporate and organisational developers
  • Employees in corporate and organisational development

With the CAS Agile Transformation and Innovation, graduates acquire the following skills and abilities and specialized knowledge:

  • Knowledge about the latest scientific and academic theories, concepts, methods and possible applications of agility and agile transformation in business enterprises.
  • Knowledge about the differences between doing agile and being agile.
  • Knowledge about the various dimensions of the agile mindset.
  • Knowledge about the various forms and principles of agile leadership.
  • Knowledge about the interactions between agile ways of operating and innovative capability on the basis of agile forms and methods of innovation.
  • Knowledge about agile forms of organisation in business enterprises and the scaling of organisational forms and methods.
  • Knowledge of and insights into examples and best practices from real life.
  • Application competency for the successful implementation of agile forms of organisation in business enterprises
  • Implementation of concrete strategies and concepts for agile transformation in your business enterprise.

On completion, you have a complete portfolio of instruments and skills which you need in order to introduce and lead agile transformation and innovation management in your organisation.

UniDistance Suisse is the only university institute in Switzerland to offer the CAS Agile Transformation and Innovation completely as an online learning model. The whole CAS takes place entirely online. Twice per module, you meet your fellow students and the lecturers to exchange ideas and information in a virtual classroom. As well as input seminar papers, the virtual classes also include supervised teamwork, working on case studies and examples based on real life experience, and interactive exercises under the guidance of the lecturers.

On our e-learning platform, you will find all the learning materials, scientific/academic bases and further literature, tasks, assignments and exercises, module videos of the lecturers and exercise quizzes, which are available for you to download for independent study

Every module lasts three weeks and is certified with 2 ECTS points (European Credit Transfer System), which corresponds to a study workload of approx. 50 to 60 hours per module.

One ECTS point corresponds to a study workload of 25 to 30 hours. You can find more information here.

All modules are completed separately. For each module, there are two or three exams, tests or assessed pieces of work, which have to be submitted or taken by the students. There is no bigger final dissertation to be completed or final examination to be taken at the end of the CAS.

The CAS in Agile Transformation and Innovation is offered twice a year in the spring and autumn semesters. Two virtual classes take place per module. In rotation, the virtual classes are planned on a fortnightly basis, on a Wednesday evening between 6.00 and 7.30 p.m. in each case.

Next course start:

Spring semester 202412th February 2024
Autumn semester 20242nd September 2024

Following the successful completion of all modules, UniDistance Suisse awards you the university-level continuing education certificate, the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Agile Transformation und Innovation.

You are awarded 10 ECTS points for the whole CAS.

The maximum number of students who can take part in the CAS Agile Transformation and Innovation is limited to 15.

The language of instruction and the literature used is English.

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