The Academic Council represents the legislative office of UniDistance Suisse and supports the Executive Board in the fulfilment of its academic mission.

Prof. Dr Marc BorsProf. Dr Marc BorsChancellorChairperson of the Academic Council
Stefan BumannStefan BumannPresident of the Foundation Council
Prof. Dr Pamela Banta LavenexProf. Dr Pamela Banta LavenexDean Faculty of PsychologyAssociate Professor
Prof. Dr Rolf KrauseProf. Dr Rolf KrauseDean Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Prof. Dr Rodrigo RodriguezProf. Dr Rodrigo RodriguezDean Faculty of LawProgramme Director for Law DE
Prof. Dr Renate SchubertProf. Dr Renate SchubertDean Faculty of EconomicsProgramme Director for Economics DE
Prof. Dr Christina SpätiProf. Dr Christina SpätiDean Faculty of HistoryProgramme Director for History D
Prof. Dr Andrea SamsonProf. Dr Andrea SamsonAssociate ProfessorProfessors’ representative F
Prof. Dr Thomas ReberProf. Dr Thomas ReberAssociate ProfessorProfessors’ representative D
Prof. Agrégé Jean-Michel JullienProf. Agrégé Jean-Michel JullienEDUDL+ ManagerRepresentative of the heads of the administrative departments F
MA Martin ZurbriggenMA Martin ZurbriggenFinance ManagerRepresentative of the heads of the administrative departments D
MA Jean-Paul DrozMA Jean-Paul DrozStudent and Faculty managerRepresentative of the staff of the administrative departments F
Dipl. - Kff. (Uni) Petra Köhler-SauerDipl. - Kff. (Uni) Petra Köhler-SauerFaculty ManagerRepresentative of the staff of the administrative departments D
Prof. Dr Christiana FountoulakisProf. Dr Christiana FountoulakisLecturers' Representative D
Dr Jean TerrierDr Jean TerrierLecturers' representative F
Dr Jean-Christian TisserandDr Jean-Christian TisserandAssistantAssistants' Representative D
MSc Daniel FitzeAssistants' Representative D
Arnaud BoissetStudents' Representative FR
Anaïs EberleStudents' Representative FR
Thomas FreiStudents' Representative DE
Marco FritschiStudents' Representative DE
Dr Damien CarronDr Damien CarronAcademic DirectorAdvisory Member
Stéphane PannatierStéphane PannatierAdministrative DirectorAdvisory Member
Prof. Dr Nicolas RothenProf. Dr Nicolas RothenVice-Rector for ResearchAdvisory Member