The Academic Council represents the legislative office of UniDistance Suisse and supports the Executive Board in the fulfilment of its academic mission.

Portrait of Marc Bors Marc Bors ChancellorChairperson of the Academic Council
Portrait of Wilhelm Schnyder Wilhelm Schnyder President of the Foundation Council
Portrait de Christina Späti Christina Späti Dean Faculty of HistoryCourse Director for History D
Portrait of Rodrigo Rodriguez Rodrigo Rodriguez Dean Faculty of LawCourse Director for Law DE
Portrait of Renate Schubert Renate Schubert Dean Faculty of EconomicsCourse Director for Economics DE
Pamela Banta Pamela Banta Lavenex Dean Faculty of PsychologyAssociate Professor
Portrait of Andrea Samson Andrea Samson Associate ProfessorProfessors’ representative F
Portrait of Thomas Reber Thomas Reber Associate ProfessorProfessors’ representative D
Portrait of Jean-Michel Jullien Jean-Michel Jullien EDUDL+ ManagerRepresentative of the heads of the administrative departments F
Portrait of Martin Zurbriggen Martin Zurbriggen Finance ManagerRepresentative of the heads of the administrative departments D
Portrait de Jean-Paul Droz Jean-Paul Droz Student and Faculty managerRepresentative of the staff of the administrative departments F
Portrait of Petra Köhler-Sauer Petra Köhler-Sauer Faculty ManagerRepresentative of the staff of the administrative departments D
Portrait of Christiana Fountoulakis Christiana Fountoulakis Lecturers' Representative D
Jean Terrier Lecturers' representative F
Jean-Christian Tisserand AssistantAssistants' Representative D
Daniel Fitze Assistants' Representative D
Arnaud Boisset Students' Representative FR
Anaïs Eberle Students' Representative FR
Thomas Frei Students' Representative DE
Marco Fritschi Students' Representative DE
Portrait of Walter Perrig Walter Perrig Vice-Chancellor for ResearchAdvisory Member
Portrait of Damien Carron Damien Carron Academic DirectorAdvisory Member
Portrait of Stéphane Pannatier Stéphane Pannatier Administrative DirectorAdvisory Member