The Faculty Senate brings together all the professors and course directors of a faculty. The lecturers, assistants and students have two representatives in it respectively. The Faculty Senate is led by the dean.

The areas of competence and missions of the Faculty Senate are:

  • to award the academic degrees and diplomas of the faculty
  • to draw up the study plans
  • to elect the dean

It meets at least once a semester.

Portrait of Rolf Krause Rolf Krause DeanProgramme director Bachelor in Mathematics
Portrait of Sébastien Marcel Sébastien Marcel Artifical Intelligence Lecturers' Representative
Portraitfoto von Ilja Kalmykov Ilja Kalmykov Mathematics Assistants' Representative
Olivier Canévet Artificial Intelligence Assistants' Representative
Stéphane Billeter Mathematics Students' Representative
Portrait of Thomas Mettler Thomas Mettler Assistant professor
Portrait of Matthias Voigt Matthias Voigt Assistant Professor
Helmut Harbrecht Mathematics Lecturers' Representative