The Faculty Council brings together all the professors and course directors of a faculty. The lecturers, assistants and students have two representatives in it respectively. The Faculty Council is led by the dean.

The areas of competence and missions of the Faculty Council are:

  • to award the academic degrees and diplomas of the faculty
  • to draw up the study plans
  • to elect the dean

It meets at least once a semester.

Portrait of Rodrigo Rodriguez Rodrigo Rodriguez Dean and Course Director DE
Portrait of Adriano Previtali Adriano Previtali Course Director for Law FR
Portrait of Nicolas Bueno Nicolas Bueno Assistant Professor
Portrait de Thierry Godel Thierry Godel Assistant Professor
Portrait of Cathrine Konopatsch Cathrine Konopatsch Assistant professor
Portrait of Arnaud Nussbaumer Arnaud Nussbaumer Professeur assistant
Portrait of Bruno Pasquier Bruno Pasquier Associate Professor
Portrait of Laurent Grobéty Laurent Grobéty Représentant des chargé-e-s de cours francophones
Stefan Keller Représentant des chargé-e-s de cours germanophones
Jean-Luc Gassmann Représentant des assistant-e-s francophones
Portrait of Deborah Bühlmann Deborah Bühlmann Représentante des assistant-e-s germanophones
Heidi Talhouedec Students' Representative FR
Marco Fritschi Students' Representative DE