The Faculty Council brings together all the professors and course directors of a faculty. The lecturers, assistants and students have two representatives in it respectively. The Faculty Council is led by the dean.

The areas of competence and missions of the Faculty Council are:

  • to award the academic degrees and diplomas of the faculty
  • to draw up the study plans
  • to elect the dean

It meets at least once a semester.

Prof. Dr Bruno PasquierProf. Dr Bruno PasquierDeanAssociate Professor
Prof. Dr Marc BorsProf. Dr Marc BorsFull Professor
Prof. Dr Nicolas BuenoProf. Dr Nicolas BuenoAssistant Professor
Prof. Dr Nula Katharina FreiProf. Dr Nula Katharina FreiAssistant professor
Prof. Dr Thierry GodelProf. Dr Thierry GodelAssistant Professor
Prof. Dr Cathrine KonopatschProf. Dr Cathrine KonopatschAssistant professor
Prof. Dr Arnaud Nussbaumer-LaghzaouiProf. Dr Arnaud Nussbaumer-LaghzaouiProfesseur assistant
Prof. Dr Rodrigo RodriguezProf. Dr Rodrigo RodriguezProgramme Director DE
Prof. Dr Adriano PrevitaliProf. Dr Adriano PrevitaliProgramme Director FR
Dr Stefan KellerLecturers' Representative DE
Dr Laurent GrobétyDr Laurent GrobétyLecturers' Representative FR
Dr Daniel Pascal WyssAssistants' Representative DE
MLaw Morgane DélèzeMLaw Morgane DélèzeAssistants' Representative FR
Stefan ThöniStefan ThöniStudents' Representative DE
Luca PiantiniStudents' Representative F
lic.iur. Malin De Bonilic.iur. Malin De BoniFaculty ManagerMember with consultative vote
MLaw Tara BaletMLaw Tara BaletFaculty ManagerMember with consultative vote