UniDistance Suisse is also a hardware and software infrastructure to help with your studies.
Discover the different tools you will need during your studies here, as well as the people to contact if you encounter computer difficulties.

The SWITCH edu-ID login is the universal and secure identity for accessing the following UniDistance Suisse platforms:

  • UniDistance Suisse services: Moodle, Student Portal (ERP)
  • SWITCH services: SWITCHdrive, SWITCHtube, SWITCHfilesender, SWITCHengines and SWITCHinteract

Login with SWITCH edu-ID is via:

user: firstname.surname@etu.unidistance.ch
password: this can be administered and changed on the edu-ID website.

Consult our tutorial on the use of the SWITCH edu-ID: Manual:How to use SWITCH edu-ID

Additionally, the following resources may be useful to you:


The online learning platform Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) supplements the teaching system like a classroom.
 It enables students to have access to the content of each of their courses as well as to discuss things with the teaching staff or with other students.

To connect to Moodle, these are the Switch eduID login details that you have to use.

The new courses are displayed at the start of the term (end of January or mid-August). The precise date is shown on the semester calendar. If your modules are not showing on your dashboard by this date, please contact Student Services

Access to Moodle is deactivated 90 days after exmatriculation.

You will also find the following on Moodle: explanations on the various tools and activities that you may find in your course modules.

The Student Portal is the tool that will accompany you throughout your studies for the administrative aspects. To log in, you have to use your Switch eduID details.

On this app, you will see the modules for which you are registered, the marks achieved, your personal data, etc. You can download multiple certificates directly from it, which will be useful to you throughout your studies (tax certificates, matriculation certificates, transcript of records, etc.) and you also have access to your invoices.

You can also use the student app for:

  • your re-registration for each semester: around two-thirds of the way through each semester, you will be asked to give details of what your status will be in the following semester. This also applies if you want to exmatriculate or if you finish your studies during the current semester.
  • registration for exams: for each module, you must register for the final assessment. Find more information on exams and registration in the dedicated section below.

Connect to the Student Portal

Microsoft Office365 access enables you to use the Outlook email service for UniDistance Suisse.

All matriculated students benefit from a UniDistance Suisse email address in the format firstname.surname@etu.unidistance.ch which is accessible on the web version of Outlook.

The connection to Outlook (in Office365) consists of:

  • user name: firstname.surname@etu.unidistance.ch
  • password: it is sent to you at the start of your studies. It can be changed on the Microsoft website

Please note that it is not the Switch eduID login details that you will need to use here.

This e-mail account is activated at the start of studies and is deleted three months after exmatriculation (if you wish to recover your work and other important documents, you must do so during this period).

Use your UniDistance Suisse email address

All communications relating to your studies are sent to your UniDistance Suisse email account. It is therefore via your UniDistance Suisse e-mail that you will be informed in particular of registration for exams, re-registration for each term, posting of results, registration for resits, etc. Thus, each student must regularly check their emails, even during a leave-of-absence semester.

Email redirection

It is possible to redirect the contents of the UniDistance e-mail account to another private e-mail address but this involves some risks which you need to be aware of, in particular the non-receipt of certain messages (some private e-mail services have strict rules in terms of spam). We advise against this type of redirection and guarantee optimum transmission of information only via the UniDistance Suisse email.


The UniDistance Suisse email account is required for your studies. This is why we offer support to students in the event of a problem with their e-mail. On the other hand, as the use of other programs such as Office365, Office Online, OneDrive, etc. is optional and not required for studies, we do not offer any support for these programs. However, you will find very clear information and support directly at the Microsoft links below.

UniDistance Suisse offers its employees and students access to a wide range of specialist literature available online via the library service Swissconsortium. Access to shared databases works on the basis of a connection via an account. Local installations or a VPN connection are not required.

You will find further information on how Swissconsortium works on Moodle

As a UniDistance Suisse student, you benefit from Neptun advantages, including discounts on computer support, as well as reductions on the rental and purchase of electronic devices such as Macs, PCs, iPads, software, adapters, speakers, etc. 

IT support

If you encounter a technical problem or have a specific IT request or question, please send an email with all the important information (including screenshots) to studentservices@unidistance.ch

IT maintenance

UniDistance strives to ensure the greatest possible availability of computer systems. Exceptions are failures or crashes due to force majeure and interruptions for maintenance work.
Maintenance windows are scheduled once a month, on the third Wednesday, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.