In this project we aim to compare episodic memory performance in virtual and real environments.

In this project we investigate episodic memory, which is the ability to recall specific events that occurred at a particular time and place in one’s personal past. We aim to compare episodic memory performance in three different environments: immersive virtual reality (headsets), non-immersive virtual reality (computer-situation), and reality. More concretely, the task involves two implicit encoding sessions in which participants place objects on a shelf according to a light cue, without being told that’s a memory task. About one hour later, participants are tasked to recall the objects, their location, as well as the order of placement during two recall sessions. With this project we aim to carefully compare the different conditions (immersive virtual reality, non-immersive virtual reality, reality) but also to develop an ecologically valid episodic memory task.  

Image of a potential view of the setting in the real condition presented in our laboratory in Brig. Participants are asked to place the objects on the shelf according to the light cue.

Project duration

01.01.2023 - 31.01.2025


MSc Pauline Berthouzoz
MSc Pauline Berthouzoz UniDistance Suisse
MSc Laura Rotheichner
MSc Laura Rotheichner UniDistance Suisse
BA Dejan Popic
BA Dejan Popic UniDistance Suisse
Prof. Dr Corinna Martarelli
Prof. Dr Corinna Martarelli UniDistance Suisse