The research group focuses on the structural transformations in Swiss public law in the context of the internationalisation, Europeanisation, and digitalisation of legal reality. 

Prof. Dr. Nula Katharina Frei 's research group addresses the challenges facing Swiss public law in light of the significant structural transformations of the 21st century: internationalisation, Europeanisation, and digitalisation. The projects of the research group focus on Swiss constitutional and administrative law, migration law, equality law, security law, as well as on public data protection and regulation of new technologies.

Prof. Dr Nula Katharina FreiProf. Dr Nula Katharina FreiAssistant professor
MLaw Deborah BühlmannMLaw Deborah BühlmannTeaching Assistant
Dipl. iur. Carola ChristenDipl. iur. Carola ChristenTeaching Assistant
lic. iur. Lydia Kalbermatterlic. iur. Lydia KalbermatterAssistante d’enseignement et recherche
Robert NaedeleRobert NaedeleResearch and teaching assistant
Dr Petru Emanuel ZlatescuDr Petru Emanuel ZlatescuResearch and Teaching Assistant