Students are central at UniDistance Suisse: through excellence in studies, supervision and support and research.

Our values - responsibility, integrity, innovation and enthusiasm - show us the way. They set the tone of our commitments regarding sustainable development and ethics in research.


We vouch for each other
  • We act boldly. We build trust.
  • We feel a shared sense of responsibility for the whole picture.
  • We think in an integrated and interconnected way.


We respect each other
  • We are dependable and have integrity. We treat everyone fairly. 
  • We are authentic and act with transparency.
  • We lead by example.


We are pioneers
  • We shape the future together and ensure lasting success.
  • We explore new avenues with partners.
  • We surprise with new solutions.
  • We question ourselves on a regular basis and learn from mistakes.


We open up new possibilities
  • We offer freedom and flexibility.
  • The best want to come to us.
  • We inspire enthusiasm.
  • We aspire to excellence.