Faculty Services is responsible for the management and development of courses and programmes of studies and the faculties.

As specialists in their field, the faculty managers are responsible for the management and development of courses/programmes of studies and the faculties. In their central role, they guarantee quality in their areas of responsibility. To this end, they work closely together with the course directors, deans and teaching teams. 

For the internal services, they are the contacts for various matters. In addition, they take charge of current projects and project management, including across different faculties.

Dr Damien CarronDr Damien CarronAcademic Director
MLaw Tara BaletMLaw Tara BaletFaculty manager – droit francophone, Responsable de projet
MSc Sophie CottagnoudMSc Sophie CottagnoudFaculty manager – psychologie francophone
Marion Davis FrettéMarion Davis FrettéSpecialised staff member
lic.iur. Malin De Bonilic.iur. Malin De BoniFaculty manager – droit germanophone
MA Jean-Paul DrozMA Jean-Paul DrozFaculty Manager – Economics (FR)
MSc Milène FauquexMSc Milène FauquexFaculty manager – master en intelligence artificielle et bachelor en mathématique
Dr Morgane Gay-BiancoDr Morgane Gay-BiancoFaculty manager – histoire francophone et germanophone
Dr Daniel KauthDr Daniel KauthFaculty Manager Bachelor in Economics (German)
Dipl. - Kff. (Uni) Petra Köhler-SauerDipl. - Kff. (Uni) Petra Köhler-SauerFaculty Manager – Economics (DE)
lic. phil. Rafaela Meyerlic. phil. Rafaela MeyerFaculty manager – psychologie germanophone
MSc Felix SchlüterFaculty Manager Master in Economics, Business and Data Analytics (English)