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Portrait d'Anja Zenhäusern
Anja Zenhäusern

BSc in Nursing Practice UAS
Student Bachelor’s degree in Psychology

Only after a lot of experience in my professional and private life do I now have the feeling that I have found my place. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing at the University of Applied Sciences in Visp with an integrated work placement in a psychiatric clinic. Even then, being able to help people who are acutely unwell, analysing them or observing their behaviour made me happy. I’ve always been interested in people and the human mind.

After completing my Bachelor’s degree, I was convinced that I would never study again, then I worked in the hospital at the women’s and children’s ward in Visp for 5 years. When my first daughter was born, I switched to the psychiatric ward and worked night shifts only. Unfortunately, with a child of my own, a part-time position in the women’s and children’s ward was not possible anymore. But after about 10 years, a feeling of dissatisfaction set in. For a long time, I wrestled with the decision to enrol for the Bachelor’s degree course in psychology in tandem with work. But the outlook on broadening my knowledge, through this distance learning course at UniDistance Suisse, stepping out of my comfort zone and the chance to be able to grow personally is what motivated me to take this step eventually.

I am convinced that, alongside my career and my role as housewife and mother, this is the right path for me. Now I finally have the feeling that I have arrived and will complete the course successfully.