Thursday, 27 June 2024
12:00 - 12:45


Surely most people have heard the following sentence: "They just don't have the right agile mindset!". But what exactly is behind this agile mindset, and is it really the decisive factor for the success of agile transformations or just a buzzword? In our upcoming webinar, we will get to the bottom of this topic. We will draw on current findings from science and practice to take a closer look at the concept of the agile mindset. We will discuss the following questions:

  • Does a agile mindset exist, and if so, what are its defining characteristics?
  • What conditions favor the development of an agile mindset?


Karen Eilers studied Business Psychology at the West Coast University of Applied Sciences (B.A.) and Economics, Psychology and Management at the University of Kassel (M.Sc.). In February 2024 she successfully defended a doctoral dissertation entitled "The Agile Mindset - Why it Matters, What it is, and How to Measure it". She puts her expertise in that field at the service of UniDistance Suisse in the two modules she teaches in the CAS Agile Transformation and Innovation, module M02 “Agile Mindset”, and M03 “Agile leadership and empowerment”.

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