The Academic Advisory Board supports quality assurance in teaching, studies and research. As a body of experts, it advises the Foundation Council on all issues relating to academic teaching and research and submits proposals to it regarding the organisation and development of UniDistance Suisse.

Prof. Dr Gerhard SchmittProf. Dr Gerhard SchmittDirector of the Singapore-ETH Centre, Emeritus Professor at ETH
Prof. Dr Jean-Loup ChappeletProf. Dr Jean-Loup ChappeletProfessor and Retired Director of IDHEAP
Prof. Dr Helmut HoyerProf. Dr Helmut HoyerFormer Rector of FernUniversität in Hagen
Prof. Dr Walter PerrigProf. Dr Walter PerrigFormer Vice-Chancellor of UniDistance SuisseFormer Vice-Chancellor of Bern UniversityMember of the Wallis University Council
Prof. Dr Jean-Marc MeunierProf. Dr Jean-Marc MeunierPresident of FIED
Prof. Dr Kurt GrünwaldProf. Dr Kurt GrünwaldFormer President of the Swiss Distance University of Applied Sciences (Fernfachhochschule Schweiz – FFHS)
Dr Mauro Dell'AmbrogioDr Mauro Dell'AmbrogioFormer State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation
Serge GaudinSerge GaudinDirector Novelis