It is well known that humans learn more effectively when the material is spread out over a period of time in different learning sessions (i.e. distributed learning) than when they learn the material in one long session (i.e. massed learning). Here we want to replicate and extend this finding to a mixed mode approach in a distance learning setting based on new technologies.

Education is changing, and will change even more in the future. Technologies increase the use of distance learning methods in education. The following study therefore aims to gather data on the regularity of learning, motivation, and grades and also relate them to different individual variables such as personality and intelligence in a distance learning setting. The collected data will provide a unique and valuable look at the individual differences of students choosing a mixed-mode approach to learning. When it comes to distributed vs. massed learning, this study will provide further evidence in learning and memory research.

Durée du projet

01.08.2018 - 31.07.2019


Prof. Dr Corinna Martarelli
Prof. Dr Corinna Martarelli Assistant professor
Sina Jossen
Sina Jossen Research assistant
Research assistant
Prof. Dr Nicolas Rothen
Prof. Dr Nicolas Rothen Assistant professor