Les projets du groupe de recherche Tjaša Bjedov

  • Project « Linguistics and time preferences: The role of language in shaping intertemporal choices »
    Using individual incentivized preference measures of French and German speakers - two languages that differ in their encoding of time - from a bilingual region of Switzerland, we study whether the encoding of time in a language and future-oriented behavior is driven by a universal difference in discount rates across language groups, or rather due to differences in present-bias, that is, short-run discounting only.
  • Project « Pro-social behavior in minority and majority groups »
    We study the cooperative behaviour of individuals when minority and majority groups co-exist. A situation that, when studied from a decontextualized perspective, exists in many different situations, such as, political parties, migration flows, team composition within a company, decentralization process, and differences in terms of linguistics, ethnicity, religion and culture within a country.
  • Project « Dynamic behavioral patterns in strategic alliances: An experiment »
    When faced with adverse events or unforeseen circumstances, alliance managers can rely on a set of response strategies - set of reactions - to overcome these unfavorable situations. Our objective is to study, by means of a laboratory experiment, dynamic behavioural patterns in strategic alliances once partners have reached an initial agreement.

Projets terminés

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